Spaceships: Homemade (left) versus commercial (right)

The Heit lab is excited to share our 3D printed “spaceships” with the microscopy community. These are live cell imaging chambers (Leiden chambers) which hold an 18 mm circular coverslip plus enough media to keep cells alive over 24 hours of imaging. These can be easily modified with free CAD software to add features such as profusion ports and electrodes. But importantly, they are very cheap – a few dollars (that is the total cost – including magnets, o-rings and 3D printer filament) versus several hundred dollars for their commercial equivalents.

The enclosed .ZIP file contains a readme file with all of the information required to print these chambers (including a complete list of non-3D printed parts), .STL files for two different size chambers (35 mm and 42 mm) and a .STL file for tools to aid in the assembly of the chambers. The only other item you will need is access to a 3D printer (we use the Prusa MK3S).