April 2018

2018 RGE Murray Lecturer Announced

We are excited to announce that the 2018 RGE Murray Lecturship will be given by Dr. Joanna Goldberg from Emory University. Dr. Goldberg is a leading expert in the pathobiology of Pseudomonas and Burkholderia infections during cystic fibrosis. Save the date and attend if you can!                   —

Congratulations Adam & Elaine

On Friday our honours students Adam and Elaine both gave excellent presentations of the work they conducted over the past 8 months. Great work, great presentations, and excellent science! Elaine, showing off some live cell microscopy from our lab during todays honour student thesis presentations. pic.twitter.com/K6wQ1bXnmQ — Bryan Heit (@BryanHeit) April 6, 2018