3D Printing Paper Published!

3D Printing - example imaging microchamber
A PDMS Imaging Chamber Cast Using a 3D Printed Mould.

The Heit lab is excited to announce that our newest paper has been accepted for publication in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. This paper presents a method for using fused deposition modelling (3D printing) to produce customized chambers for microscopy-based experiments. This technology allows for scientists to design an imaging chamber that exactly meets the requirements of their experiment while also producing a system optimized for high resolution microscopy.

We have been using this technology extensively in my lab, and have saved literally thousands of dollars in commercial chambers, reduced cell isolation/transfection costs, and reduced reagent usage.

For those without access to Biochemistry and Cell Biology, we have posted the revised version of this paper as a preprint, available over at Biorxiv.