August 2013

Chair Candidate: Dr. Usherwood

The Department of Microbiology & Immunology are currently looking for a new chair to head up the department. Our first interviewee, Dr. Edward Usherwood of Dartmouth University, will be presenting a talk open to any interested parties on Wednesday September 4th, from 4PM to 5PM in MSB 384. Click image for full-sized poster

Work-Study & Volunteer Positions

The Heit lab typically accepts one work-study or volunteer student each year. These students aid in the operation of the laboratory, and once experienced, begin research on their own project. This position is filled for the 2017/2018 academic year

Honours Student Projects

Every year the Heit lab takes on two undergraduate honours students. Students from the Microbiology & Immunology or Biochemistry programs¬†must apply through the matching system run by the Department of Biochemistry. Students from other honours programs can be hosted in the Heit lab so long as your home department allows out-of-department faculty supervisors. All positions …

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