November 2016

HIV Immunevasion

We are excited to announce the publication of a collaborative study, investigating one mechanism which is used by HIV to evade the immune system. This study, a product of our long-standing collaboration with Jimmy Dikeako’s lab at Western University, discovered that the HIV protein Nef sequesters a key component of the immune system (MHC I) inside the cell. MHC …

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Efferocytosis Assays

The Heit lab is excited to announce our latest publication titled Quantitative Efferocytosis Assays, and published in Methods in Molecular Biology [Pubmed] [Article]. This paper describes many of the microscopy and cell based methods we use to study efferocytosis – the processes by which cells such as macrophages identify, engage, engulf and destroy dying (apoptotic) cells. Efferocytosis plays a key …

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