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Academic Use Only: This software is only to be used by academic, non-commercial users. Individuals wishing to use this software for commercial, governmental or other non-academic usage must contact Dr. Heit for an appropriate licence.

No Guarantee or Warranty: This software is provided with no guarantee or warranty. Every effort has been made to ensure that this software produces an appropriate and accurate output. However, no guarantee is offered that the results of these programs are accurate. By downloading this software you absolve Dr. Heit, his staff, students & collaborators, the University of Western Ontario, and all others from any legal, financial or other issues that arise through use of this software. Users assume any and all risks of using this software, and are solely responsible for any issues or problems arising from use of these programs.

Citations: Any publications utilizing this software will provide in the methods a link to this webpage ( and will cite the following article:

Heit B, Kim H, Cosío G, Castaño D, Collins R, Lowell CA, Kain KC, Trimble WS, 
Grinstein S. (2013) Multimolecular signaling complexes enable Syk-mediated signaling of 
CD36 internalization. Developmental Cell. Feb 25;24(4):372-83.

Software Requirements: These matlab scripts require: A recent copy of matlab (2011a or newer) plus the parallel processing toolbox. This code is processor-intensive, thus a high-end, multi-processor workstation is recommended.

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