Computer Code


Molecular Interactions in Super Resolution (MIiSR) is our recently published super resolution image analysis package. This software package allows for the quantification of intermolecular interactions and the formation of higher-order molecular structures in super-resolution images. Downloads of the original version and new versions are available from this link.

Super-Resolution Image Analysis Scripts (Matlab)

Spatial Association Analysis (SAA): Matlab scripts used to analyze inter-molecular interactions within super-resolution images. Download includes scripts for assessing interactions between two and three sets of molecule, as well as files for converting particle position file formats and for identifying repeat detection of the same fluorophore. This package is replaced by MIiSR.

Random Matlab Code

Random code snipits used in the lab for various purposes. Code quality and documentation will not be upto the standard of code provided as part of publications. Use this code at your own risk!.

3D Printer Files

Replica plating block, for 10 cm (100 mm) petri dishes. Cloth needs to be held in place with an elastic. When printing, use multiple shells to ensure proper wall thickness. Recommend printing with PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) filament if using chloroform to sterilise.Polycarbonate is recommended if the cylinder needs to be autoclavable. File format: Zip-compressed .stl

Spaceships. Our custom Leiden chambers for use with live cell microscopy. These hold an 18 mm circular coverslip plus enough media to keep cells alive over 24 hours of imaging. The .ZIP file contains a readme file with all of the information required to print these chambers (including a complete list of non-3D printed parts), .STL files for two different size chambers (35 mm and 42 mm) and a .STL file for tools to aid in the assembly of the chambers. The only other item you will need is access to a 3D printer (we use the Prusa MK3S).

Large Phone Grip. A modified phone grip for the Universal Smart Phone Microscope Mount Remix. This replaces one of the three grips that hold the phone onto the mount, specifically the bottom grip. Having a larger grip on the bottom makes it easier to mount phones which have the camera positioned near the edge. To use, print the mount as normal, but only print two of the parts found in the “Phone_Grip_1of3.stl”, and then print a single copy of the grip in this file for the third grip.


IDT BioBar. We operate a Biobar for IDT, where Western University researchers can receive discounts on all of their purchases plus free delivery of their IDT products.

Widefield Microscope Facility: The Heit lab runs a widefield microscope facility which contains the tools for preparing microscopy samples, sample imaging, and analysis.

3D Printing: The Heit lab uses 3D printing extensively as a research tool, with all of our designes available for your use. Also, see our paper in Biochemistry and Cell Biology for an example of how the power of 3D printing can be used to enhance your microscopy.

Software: As part of our microscopy-based work we occasionally produce analysis software, including our MiISR software for the analysis of super-resolution images.

Protocol Wiki: To make our work as accessible as possible to other researchers, most of our in-lab protocols can be found on our lab’s Wiki!