Phagocyte Biology Laboratory

Dr. Bryan Heit, Western University

MNI Widefield Microscopy Facility Booking Calendar

Dr. Heit manages a widefield microsocpe facility, available at a low hourly rate, to approved users. This facility includes a microscope custom-designed for high-speed live cell imaging, which is capable of rapid 3D acquisitions, single molecule imaging, single-particle tracking, SRRF microscopy, ratiometric imaging, acceptor and donor-bleaching FRET, and a variety of other advanced imaging modalities. The facility also includes access to two dedicated image-processing computers pre-loaded with leading commercial and open-source software for image analysis. Details on how to access this facility, and facility fees, can be found in the current MNI Widefield Facility fee & training schedule (PDF, Nov2018)

Note: As of November 12th 2018, the new booking system must be used for all equipment bookings. The old signup system has has been depreciated.